Immeasurable is available for purchase online, however, due to the high cost per book, I (elle) encourage you to be patient, as my goal is to achieve commercial publication, at which point the book will be widely available and far less expensive.
If you desperately want it now, it is available

A selection of images from the book, which contains 63 individual portraits, a number of recovery statements and statements from expert professionals in the field, discussing the expected journey of those entering treatment for Anorexia and/or Bulimia Nervosa.
  1. Mel immeasurable
  2. Naomi Immeasurable
  3. Miriam immeasurable
  4. Lolly Immeasurable 1
  5. Lauren Immeasurable
  6. Tashi immeasurable 1
  7. Tamsin immeasurable
  8. Tamika immeasurable CNN
  9. Sarah Immeasurable
  10. Phoebe Immeasurable
  11. Kyrra immeasurable CNN
  12. Kristi Immeasurable
  13. Kathryn immeasurable CNN
  14. Karoline Immeasurable
  15. Issy Immeasurable
  16. Elle Immeasurable
  17. Elijah Immeasurable
  1. Trapped as a Child
  2. No Escape?
  3. My Mind Lies
  4. Irreparable?
  5. Defeat
  6. Below Ground
  7. Judgment Space
  8. Forever Guilty?
  9. With Retrospect
  10. In Loving Memory