elle irvine
The psychological experience of eating disorders
Immeasurable is a collaborative portraiture project created over four years. It involves asking participants (individuals diagnosed with Anorexia and/or Bulimia Nervosa) to choose a physical space that represents the landscape of their mind while battling against, or recovering from, an eating disorder. Each participant also is asked to write a hand-written statement further explaining their experiences, perspectives or opinions on their experiences. 
It is an opportunity for the general public to peer into the lives of eating disordered individuals and gain understanding of the psychological torment eating disorders cause. It was created to promote awareness and understanding and to decrease stigma about eating disorders and mental illness in general.
The stories of individuals are sometimes bleak, sometimes hopeful and sometimes, completely inspiring. Each and every participant has generously agreed to be part of the project in order to create a honest and open representation of their lives.  
Immeasurable is currently a self-published book at a higher cost than desired by the author. Commercial publication is something that is being worked towards, in the hopes that this book can be made available Australia wide, accessible by anyone and everyone. 

immeasurable participant, Brynn,
on location sharing her inspiring journey
to recovery.